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About Us

About Us

Shoot your shot even before the game begins!

Control aspects of your recruiting by providing the vitals that will let you get in the game.

Events that use the Red Star Profile registration platform, let players communicate their details for the events in which they will be participating.

This secure platform gives participants the chance to let event organizers, scouts, recruiters and even university and college coaches know who you are and giving them the vitals to make connections with you.

Red Star Profiles is a registration administration tool that sets up players to link up events, whether directly or through their teams via their coaches. Those Event details now have a platform to unlock potential opportunities.

When your profile has been created for your event, you are now free to be the best athlete, best option, best teammate and best player you can be and then have the conversation continue well beyond the competition.

You’ve now let the event know who you are. Now go and compete!